Net Worth Update – September 2019 $339,871.00 (-$5,569.35/1.64%)

What a crazy summer it has been. I didn’t intend on going dark for 3 months, but I found very little time to devote to writing about money. My summer started like I pretty much planned – I had some business travel in New Orleans for several days in early June, followed by a little vacation with some friends. What … Read More

Net Worth Update – May 2019 $335,306.38 (+$11,306.37/3.37%)

Another great month of net worth growth! It’s really nice to follow up our all time best month with a solid 5-figure increase. We’ve definitely been spoiled over the last few months. We’re up $70,959 since our January net worth update!

We’re climbing to $200,000 in retirement accounts and $350,000 in total net worth. I can’t help but think about … Read More

Net Worth Update – April 2019 $324,000.01 (+$27,797.24/8.58%)

No April Fools here – we had a huge month! It was mostly due to my annual bonus. Check out this post (here) to see exactly what we have done/will do with the ~$30,000 bonus I received last month.

I spent over half of the month traveling for work, and I’ll be travelling half of April as well. … Read More

Net Worth Update – March 2019 $296,202.77 (+$7,989.62/2.70%)

It is already March. That’s crazy! February flew by for us. I was very busy at work with a little bit of cross-country travel. I only put out 4 posts, which is way less than the 6-8 I’d like to have. Unfortunately, March looks like it is going to be even busier; I’ll be travelling for work 4 of the … Read More