Net Worth Update – September 2018 $272,242.83 (+$6,126.46)

We survived our first month with only my job to support us (in case you didn’t know, my wife is taking unpaid maternity leave through the end of the year).  We have got to make some adjustments to our spending if we are going to be successful in not dipping into our weekly saving amounts over the next 4 months.  … Read More

Average Retirement Account (By Age)

I was reading an article from Money magazine that had the average retirement account size based on the owner’s age.  I was anxious to see how we stacked up against the average person our age.  Once I started reading the article I was really surprised how low the numbers really are.  I have read similar articles like this before.  In … Read More

The First Net Worth Post – August 2018 $266,116.37 (+$7,281.17)

Time to take a closer look at our Net Worth.  Posting our net worth is a little bit scary, but I want to be transparent and accountable (at least to myself) and I want to document the journey to $1,000,000.  Posting and tracking our net worth is a part of achieving financial independence and gaining the stress relief that (hopefully) Read More