My Favorite Books

Below are a few books that I have enjoyed on how I look at money, investing, and financial independence.  I also added a few books about long distance running.  I like the parallels that exist between running long distances, and saving for financial independence.  Running also happens to be one of the best, healthiest, financially savvy hobbies!

I plan on continuing to read and will update the list periodically.

Happy reading!

Finance Books

Financial Independence

Your Money or Your Life – The OG Financial Independence book.  This helped me understand the value of my time and how much my purchases actually cost me.

The Simple Path to Wealth – This fun read reinforces the tried and true way to wealth.  It is a contender to be the first finance book I purchase for my kids.

The $500 Cup of Coffee: A Lifestyle Approach to Financial Independence  – This book really makes it easy to understand the value of saving now for bigger future returns.  This, along with Coach Carson’s article on the Rule of 752, was a big reason why my Monster Vacation Fund was created.

How To Retire Early: Your Guide to Getting Rich Slowly and Retiring on Less – This book is a great motivator to start your retirement planning TODAY.  The retirement plans are explained with several different scenarios; time to retire, kids or no kids, expenses, and much more.

Eye Opening

Rich Dad Poor Dad – Great motivational book with some very practical steps, very enjoyable to read.

Millionaire Next Door – Opened my eyes to not judge a persons wealth by the size of their house or the type of car they drove.  Really made me OK with driving a 10 year old Subaru Forester instead of a nice import like many of my peers at work were driving.

The Compound Effect – This book is about much, much more than finance.  It shows how small changes and improvements now will have a compounding effect over time.  Really keeps me grounded in not expecting results overnight.  The constant effort on my part will build up over time to larger success.


The Sleep-Well-At-Night Investor – An easy read that really drives the point about index investing and being aware of the fees that you are being charged for your funds and your financial adviser.

The Intelligent Investor – A great book on value investing.  It has taught me to ignore the noise that comes from Wall Street via TV and Internet.

John Neff On Investing – For me, this book showed just how much work it took a team to beat an index fund over the course of John Neff’s time managing the Windsor Fund.  It really made me feel foolish thinking I could achieve the same results just by reading some articles online.

Running Books

Born to Run

The Terrible and Wonderful Reasons Why I Run Long Distances (The Oatmeal)

Eat and Run