The Monster Vacation Fund

I’ve mentioned our “Monster Vacation Fund” in a previous post.  It’s a catchy name for our vacation fund that has the extra benefit of keeping me motivated to make at least 1 healthy decision each day.

A little over a year ago I learned about the Rules of 752 and 173 from a Coach Carson blog post.

It Read More

Confessions of an Imperfect Saver #1

Confession Time

I have already posted about how I let my Vanguard IRA sit as “A Minor” for an extra 10 years.  Once I finally got smart and took full ownership of the account (to make it easier for me to add funds), I pulled the money out of the Vanguard 2045 Target Retirement fund and bought…. STOCKS.  My confession: Read More

The First Net Worth Post – August 2018 $266,116.37 (+$7,281.17)

Time to take a closer look at our Net Worth.  Posting our net worth is a little bit scary, but I want to be transparent and accountable (at least to myself) and I want to document the journey to $1,000,000.  Posting and tracking our net worth is a part of achieving financial independence and gaining the stress relief that (hopefully) Read More

The Armageddon Retirement Goal

We already covered that our retirement “magic number” is $3,600,000; our “Armageddon Retirement Goal”.  To get to that figure, we need to maximize my 401k and both of our Roth IRAs for 26 years… That’s a tall order considering we have only done two of those things in the same year ONCE, and never all three things.  Can we really Read More