Credit Ghost to Credit Star – Going from 0 to 700 in 18 Months

8 Years Ago – I Didn’t Exist – I Was a Credit Ghost

In 2010, as a newly minted married couple with two incomes, my beautiful bride and I made our first major purchase together: a new car!  Let’s forget that a couple of 22 year olds don’t need to ever buy a NEW car.  But we did need a … Read More

Average Retirement Account (By Age)

I was reading an article from Money magazine that had the average retirement account size based on the owner’s age.  I was anxious to see how we stacked up against the average person our age.  Once I started reading the article I was really surprised how low the numbers really are.  I have read similar articles like this before.  In … Read More

My Ideal Retirement

How I Imagine My Retirement

One day I hope to retire.  I’ve already described what I think we’re going to need, money wise, to retire.  But what do I imagine a full day/week/month is going to look like?  What do I even want it to look like?  I feel that trying to put it all together in my head is … Read More

The Monster Vacation Fund

I’ve mentioned our “Monster Vacation Fund” in a previous post.  It’s a catchy name for our vacation fund that has the extra benefit of keeping me motivated to make at least 1 healthy decision each day.

A little over a year ago I learned about the Rules of 752 and 173 from a Coach Carson blog post.

It Read More