Saturday Night Short – Don’t Panic When the Market Drops

During the 4th Quarter of 2018 and the first week of 2019, people were panicking about the market.  The S&P dropped to 2,346.58 the day before Christmas (closing at 2,351.10), 20.06% off the recent high and officially falling into a bear market.

How did you react?  Were you panicking?

Personally, I was bummed that the decline meant I … Read More

The Sky Is Falling (maybe) – And That’s OK (probably)

Did you notice the stock market dropped quite a bit yesterday?  Some of the news outlets were saying the Dow dropped by the 3rd highest amount in its entire history and we are heading for a market correction!

A market correction is when an index falls 10% from a recent high.

If you weren’t scared enough, now half of the … Read More