Net Worth Update – January 2019 $264,347.19 (-$19,404.86/-7.34%)

What a crazy way to end the year.  The S&P ended the month of December and posted the worst month in a decade (down 6.2%).  It looks as though the beginning of January is going to be just as bad with Apple’s news yesterday (here).

Half of our net worth decline is from switching our house from a … Read More

Net Worth Update – December 2018 $283,752.05 (+$2,609.58 / +0.92%)

We posted a slight gain last month due to the stock market rebounding a bit.  Our cash position also saw some much needed improvement due to us selling our car and getting rid of our car payment. (WOO!!!)

Speaking of… I still can’t get over how huge the extra $463/month is going to be for use over the next 2ish … Read More

Net Worth Update – November 2018 $281,142.47 (+$6,217.24)

Don’t be fooled by the decent gain this past month, our retirement accounts were gashed pretty hard last month.  We did fare a little bit better than the market overall, which was down by nearly 7.5%.  (Remember my post about the first day of the big decline?)

We also managed to do better with our cash position this month than … Read More

Net Worth Update – October 2018 $274,925.23 (+$2,682.40)

October has been a month of adjustments.  We took what we learned in September and started making changes to positively impact our declining cash.  I am sticking to my prediction from my last net worth update that we will see improvement on the November update.  Until then, here is a good representation of what last month was like (last 2 … Read More