Confessions of an Imperfect Saver #2

In 2016 I spent a lot on video games…

Before I became serious about getting my spending under control, I spent $1,980.20 on video games in one year.  I should rephrase that; I spent at least $1,980.20 on video games.  Not counting cash spent during that year, or charges at retail stores.  I was only able to count transactions that … Read More

Confessions of an Imperfect Saver #1

Confession Time

I have already posted about how I let my Vanguard IRA sit as “A Minor” for an extra 10 years.  Once I finally got smart and took full ownership of the account (to make it easier for me to add funds), I pulled the money out of the Vanguard 2045 Target Retirement fund and bought…. STOCKS.  My confession: Read More