About Us

Who We Are

We are a young family of 4 that live in your typical middle class suburb.  I work a corporate job and my better half is a teacher. Our first son was the catalyst for me to start thinking about my legacy, both in terms of a father for my children, and as a provider for my family.

I started consuming books, blogs, and articles and learning as much as I could about Financial Independence and the FIRE community.  In 2017 my wife became more interested in our finances and retirement planning. We developed a plan and have been executing it for a year.  My wife’s newly shared interest in our finances was one of the most critical components on starting this journey.

I’m hoping to chronicle our journey to achieving a $1M retirement portfolio by the year 2030, which is just another step on the grand voyage to Financial Independence.

We’re glad you are here to share the journey with us.  We hope you will stop by regularly to find some encouragement and maybe some money saving tips!

Head over to the first post to find out a bit more about who we are.  If you are wondering about our progress towards our goal, check out our most recent net worth update here.  Also stop by our retirement account goal progress here.