If we saved NOTHING

Over the last few years, I’ve been focusing heavily on our financial future and what we could have when we retire. I recently calculated all of the responsible dollars that we spend every year (roughly $67,650 or $5,637.50 each month). With all of our future planning, I never thought about what “now” we are giving up for $3.6M in … Read More

Net Worth Update – May 2019 $335,306.38 (+$11,306.37/3.37%)

Another great month of net worth growth! It’s really nice to follow up our all time best month with a solid 5-figure increase. We’ve definitely been spoiled over the last few months. We’re up $70,959 since our January net worth update!

We’re climbing to $200,000 in retirement accounts and $350,000 in total net worth. I can’t help but think about … Read More