Net Worth Update – April 2019 $324,000.01 (+$27,797.24/8.58%)

April Net Worth Update Millionaire

No April Fools here – we had a huge month! It was mostly due to my annual bonus. Check out this post (here) to see exactly what we have done/will do with the ~$30,000 bonus I received last month.

I spent over half of the month traveling for work, and I’ll be travelling half of April as well. We’re looking forward to the end of these consecutive weeks of travel. I’m currently sitting in my hotel room on another business trip. Thankfully, it’s a short, 3 day trip. Next week is 4 days, and then (as of right now) I’m done traveling for the next 7 weeks.

April Net Worth Update Millionaire
Me coming home to my own bed.

Back to the money… We blew past $300,000 in net worth and shot closer towards our $200,000 retirement account goal for 2019 – check it out:

One little penny away from perfection…….

House (-$906.00)

This is relatively flat from last month. The house certainly adds a lot to our net worth, even after subtracting the two loans attached to it. But, if you read my post on why home ownership sucks (here), you know how much we have spent on our home, and how much more we are planning on spending it the future. It’s adding a big number at the bottom line but eating a big chunk of future net worth.

Cars (+$420.00)

I’m not sure why our car values increased last month, but we’ll take it. This isn’t typical, car values should be dropping month after month. I’m guessing within a few months, the depreciation will catch up.

401k (+$8,449.85)

Roughly $5,500 of the growth came from the contribution due to the bonus. Another $1,600 came from regular paycheck contributions, so total growth was positive, but small. Either way, $8,500 is $8,500 and it’s incredible to see an amount that high in a single month.

Roth IRA (+9,230.80)

Last month we brought our two Roth IRAs to the full annual contribution limit ($5,500 each). To top each off, we added ~$7,000. Based on that, we had a decent amount of growth in the accounts themselves. I made one trade last month, I sold our position in Shopify and captured a ~130% gain and purchased Amazon with the proceeds of the sale. Other gains last month were seen in Apple, Altria and AT&T. Here’s a look at the individual stocks (you can compare performance for each by comparing with last month’s net worth update).

I haven’t made a decision on what to do with the money in my Roth IRA (my wife’s Roth is a target retirement fund). Currently, I am holding ~$3,500 in a Vanguard Corporate Bond ETF (VCLT) while I wait for a buying opportunity. I’m still looking at Boeing, but secretly want Shopify to drop 20-30% (as it has done several times that I owned it) and I will buy it (again).

Monster Vacation Fund (+$205.21)

Small growth in our Monster Vacation Fund last month when you take out the $120 we added throughout the month. We increased our weekly contribution from $25 to $35 per week in the middle of the month. The small $10/week increase will give us $520 extra per year. If it grows at a rate of 7%, it will provide us with an extra $22,000 in 20 years. I love compounding these small amounts into meaningful money! (my favorite compounding calculator is – here)

Cash (+$9,070.92)

The boost in cash is a direct result of the bonus. Unfortunately, if you read the post about how we will spend the bonus (here), you already know that this money will move out of our account over the next couple of months. Other upcoming non-typical money events are:

  • Reimbursed for my MBA class +$2,400
  • Pay for Summer and Fall MBA courses -$5,000 (I won’t be reimbursed for these)
  • Stock award +$3,500 (I only get this for 1 more year; it went away 2 years ago)
  • Annual raise goes into effect

Mortgage (+$622.01)

Continuing to chip away at this loan. I’m excited to be out of the $200k owed column. I think we’ll be sub $200k by November!

Equity Loan (+705.17)

This loan continues to fall. We over pay this loan because the rate is so much higher than our mortgage. We’re really eager to pay this off as soon as possible.

Previous 12 Months Graph

We really exploded up last month as evidenced in the graph above. In the last 12 months, we have increased our net worth by over $75,000!

Retirement Accounts

The bonus last month pushed us closer to our 2019 retirement portfolio goal of $200,000. We’re now at $183,411.95, more than 3x where we were four years ago ($52,342).

Last Month’s Goals

  1. Read Astrophysics for People in a Hurry (Affiliate Link) – Done! I read this book in 2 sittings. Most of the reading was done on one of my flights. I really enjoyed it and will probably come back to it a few times over the next few years.
  2. Exercise at my hotels – Fail! I walked into one of the gyms at one of the hotels once. I thought, “hm this is nice I should come back” – but I didn’t. I’m sitting in a hotel now and I didn’t even pack my gym clothes… my excuse this time is I ran a half marathon yesterday and “I need to rest”.
  3. Post 6 times – Fail! I ended up with 5 posts last month. I did type a 6th on one of my flights but didn’t get it finished.
  4. 95% on my upcoming MBA exam –Fail! I got an 88% on my exam. I was a little disappointed in that score, but I’m still doing well in the class.

April Goals

  1. Figure out what book I want to read next and read it!
  2. Post 6 times
  3. Get back into the gym when I’m home and track my food with My Fitness Pal
  4. 95% on my next MBA exam

Are you interested in tracking your Net Worth?

Tracking my net worth was one of the first and best decisions I made to start getting serious about saving for my future.  Back in April 2017 I created a Personal Capital account to make it easier to keep track of my accounts.  Instead of hopping from website to website to add up my different accounts, I just needed to visit Personal Capital to see them all in one place.

It is a great tool that connects your different bank and investment accounts all in one place.  Once you add your accounts, they will update automatically.  It is easy to see how your spending (and saving!) affects your total financial picture.  The program is incredibly easy to use and very straightforward.

Personal Capital Affiliate Link

It takes just a few minutes to sign up and enter your account information.  After that, you’re off and running to having a clearer understanding of where your finances are.

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