Why Aren’t We Talking About Emergency Savings?

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Emergency Savings are Critical

We (in the United States) are entering our 6th week of a partial government shutdown. We have been hearing about workers going to food banks. Interest-free loans for federal government workers. Some banks are also waiving certain fees and allowing their government worker customers to break CDs early.  USAA and Chase bank have allowed furloughed government … Read More

Saturday Night Short – Don’t Panic When the Market Drops

During the 4th Quarter of 2018 and the first week of 2019, people were panicking about the market.  The S&P dropped to 2,346.58 the day before Christmas (closing at 2,351.10), 20.06% off the recent high and officially falling into a bear market.

How did you react?  Were you panicking?

Personally, I was bummed that the decline meant I … Read More

Emergency Savings – Three Bucket System

The 3 Bucket Emergency Savings System is simple: 3 different buckets of money that are filled one at a time and contain different levels of risk and potential growth.  After first bucket fills, the excess flows into the 2nd bucket.  Next, when the 2nd bucket is filled, the excess flows into the 3rd bucket.  Lastly, the 3… Read More

Net Worth Update – January 2019 $264,347.19 (-$19,404.86/-7.34%)

What a crazy way to end the year.  The S&P ended the month of December and posted the worst month in a decade (down 6.2%).  It looks as though the beginning of January is going to be just as bad with Apple’s news yesterday (here).

Half of our net worth decline is from switching our house from a … Read More