Net Worth Update – December 2018 $283,752.05 (+$2,609.58 / +0.92%)

Net Worth Update

We posted a slight gain last month due to the stock market rebounding a bit.  Our cash position also saw some much needed improvement due to us selling our car and getting rid of our car payment. (WOO!!!)

Speaking of… I still can’t get over how huge the extra $463/month is going to be for use over the next 2ish years we had on our car loan.  For the first time in 8 years, we are not making any car payments.  I wrote a post a few weeks ago about it, here if you care to read it.

Other than that, I did a bit of travel for work this month, we had our huge family Thanksgiving, and some other family came and visited another week.  December looks to be just as busy…

I already know that December is going to fly by with all of our annual holiday activities, so I better get to the update before January rolls around:

House (Flat)

Keeping the house at the same value (explained in the net worth update from August.)  The Zillow estimate that I will start using in a few months increased $13,486 to $360,996.  It’s good timing considering I am going to start using the Zillow estimator next month for our home value.

Cars (-$11,345.00)

Huge decline here due to us selling our car!  We made up a little bit of the difference with the higher value of our “new” vehicle.  If you are interested in reading about some of the circumstance behind the new car, check out the last net worth update, and read my comment at the bottom.

401k (+$2,488.06)

If it wasn’t for the last few days of the month, this would have been negative too.  We’ve got a long horizon and we should anticipate month over month (and even year over year) declines from time to time.  Hopefully the market is strong for the last month of the year and we can close out the year with >$150,000 in retirement accounts.

Roth IRAs (-$190.24)

Slightly negative due to some of the stock holdings that dropped much more than the market.  I made 2 changes to my holdings, I sold Costco and used the proceeds to buy more Apple.  I ended up catching a bit of a falling knife with Apple, but I think I will be thrilled with this transaction in time.  If you want to compare, pull up last month’s net worth update and see how they did.

My rationale for the trade was because Costco, while a good company, was not part of my original strategy.  I bought it after Amazon purchased Whole Foods, food retailer stocks declined 20-25% over a few days.  I bought Costco at ~$158/share, and it bottomed out around $151.  I sold at ~$238/share and captured a nice ~50% profit.  Apple stock dropped quite a bit after they announced that they would no longer report iPhone sales by units.  While that certainly isn’t good news, I don’t think it warranted the >20% decline.

It puts my total exposure to Apple at ~5% (including my 401k funds) so I won’t be buying any more Apple any time soon.

Brokerage ($86.27)

This account was basically negative when you factor in the $100 deposit in the month.  The Monster Vacation Fund contains my Google and Facebook stocks (shown in the graph above) as well as a few shares of VTI.  I bought Facebook when that stock was declining, but bought too soon before it (maybe) bottomed out.  I am pretty confident I will be just fine in the long run.

Cash (+$1,791.65)

We finally have a cash positive position again.  This is directly because of the sale of our car.  We don’t have the full $3,000 showing up in the account because of the bills to fix some of the major issues with the car.

Mortgage (-$614.29)

Still making our regular payments on this loan.  The amount that goes towards the principal is inching up each month.

A few days ago my mortgage company called and asked if I wanted to “save money” on my mortgage.  To which I said, “No thanks, I’m not interested in paying $4,000 in closing costs to refinance to a higher interest rate and pay more in interest over another 30 years.”  And the person on the phone just tried again to tell me that my monthly payment could go down so I would actually be saving money…  So I reiterated again that I was happy with my rate and my monthly payment and didn’t want to change anything.  His response was “So you don’t want to save money?”  I thanked him for his time and hung up.  With a long term outlook, it wouldn’t make any sense for us to refinance.

Equity Loan (-$651.49)

We made 3 payments last month but the new balance still hasn’t posted.  So it’s just a regular looking month for our Home Equity Loan.  So we are “missing” $475 that is floating out in the ether until it posts to our account.  We’ll probably see it on next months update.

Car Loan (-$8,513.06)

Yay!  The car is gone and we paid off the balance with proceeds from the sale.  We are really happy to be rid of this $463/month payment.  We have a lot of ideas for what to do with that money.  Check out some of those ideas here.

Previous 12 Months Net Worth

The chart below shows how our Net Worth has changed over the last 12 months.  It’s been a fairly steady climb to the North East!  Not too much volatility over the last year (at least in overall net worth change).

Over the last 12 months we are averaging a ~$5,800 (+2.4%) net gain to our net worth each month.

Retirement Accounts

This month we are back up to $156,125.73, a gain of $2,297.82 from November.  In my September update I talked about wanting to get as close to $200,000 by the end of the year.  But now I will just be happy to end 2018 with a retirement account balance above the original $150,000 goal.


So there you have it.  November has already come and gone.  We are another month closer to hitting the $1M retirement account goal

Last Month’s Goals
  1. Sell my car for $11,500 – DONE!  We came in a few hundred dollars above the goal.
  2. Finish Grant and start Fire and Blood – Failed… I didn’t finish Grant before it needed to be returned.  But I plan on checking it out again and finishing it.  In the mean time, I will be reading Fire and Blood.
  3. Figure out Christmas gifts – DONE!  This might be the earliest we have figured out Christmas gifts, hooray us.
December Goals
  1. Post 8 (including this one) blog updates.
  2. Post 4 times on Social Media outside of blog posts.
  3. Rip out the rest of the carpet in our basement for the gym.

How was your November?  Did you end stuffing your wallets as much as you stuffed your face on Thanksgiving?

Have a great December!



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