My Ideal Retirement

How I Imagine My Retirement

One day I hope to retire.  I’ve already described what I think we’re going to need, money wise, to retire.  But what do I imagine a full day/week/month is going to look like?  What do I even want it to look like?  I feel that trying to put it all together in my head is important.  It’s another way I can talk through what is important to me (today) and better understand the person I hope to become.  Undoubtedly my “perfect retirement” definition is going to change as I get older and my priorities change, and that’s ok.  It’s something I think everyone should have an idea of, and regularly revisit.  It’s a great topic to discuss with your spouse, to make sure you are on the same page.  Hopefully your idea of retirement isn’t drastically different from your spouse’s.  If it is, you will probably need to recalibrate, level set your expectations, and compromise.

My Average Day in Retirement

Wake up without an alarm, just whenever I naturally open my eyes.  Make a delicious breakfast of eggs and bread and bacon and eat it with my wife.  Go for a nice walk around the neighborhood together with the dog and a nice cup of coffee.  Head to the golf course and play 9 or 18 holes of golf or go to the gym depending on the weather.  Afterwards, eat a simple lunch (for some reason I imagine this happening outside on our deck, which has a nice café table).  Next, I’ll get some work done.  That could be a home project, yard work, or some wood working project for fun.  After that, I’ll pour myself a glass of wine and make some delicious dinner and relax for the evening with my wife and a whiskey.

My Average Month in Retirement

Over my typical retired month, I would plan on my wife and I taking a 3-5 day trip somewhere within driving distance.  I imagine there will be so much still to explore in a 150 mile radius around our home.  When we’re at home, I’d like to play golf several days a week, and have a day a week devoted to volunteering.  I currently volunteer a little bit at my wife’s school and do a couple of other things here and there.  When I’m retired, I want volunteering to be a small cornerstone of the “things” that define my retirement.  Maybe I’ll get much more involved with a specific charity and actually “work” for them part-time.  I don’t know, I’ve got a lot of time to figure it out (and change my mind).

My Average Year in Retirement

Over the course of one full retired year, there would be a couple of week long vacations with my wife.  One of those vacations would be the big family beach vacation that I talked about in this post.  When I’m “young” and retired, I think my wife and I would get our longest distance travel done earlier.  As we get older, the week long vacations will be much shorter travel.  Of course, visiting our family will all be part of the travel as well.  But most will be devoted to seeing parts of the world that we want to see before we don’t have the energy to see them any more.  I mean, at some point I’m going to be too old to play St. Andrews in Scotland!

So that’s my current idea of retirement.  I’m a couple of decades (probably) away from achieving it, and I know that my ideal retirement will change.  One thing I think (and hope) won’t change is the time and experiences I want to share with my wife when we’re retired.  I think it’s a bit of a reward to ourselves for working so hard and doing things the right way for so long.  I’m going to ask my wife to give me her idea of retirement and will post that soon.  Until then, have a great weekend – 4,343 days until I hit my $ goal, or about 620 weekends., the clock is ticking.

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